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Just beet is formulated as a liver loving blend. The ingredients are 100% organic, it has a sweet taste and is naturally nourishing. This elixir is full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting goods, which are known to naturally help your liver to detoxify. This is so important for balancing out your hormones and having good skin.

Serving suggestions

Combine 1 tablespoon of your Just Beet It with one of your favourite nut mylks. If you're not used to eating these kinds of products, start off with one teaspoon to get used to the taste. Just Beet It is already quite sweet, but if you like a sweeter taste, you can add a small teaspoon of one of your favourite Rouge.-approved sweeteners. Put it in a blender if you want to create a frothy Just Beet It latte.

Our recommendation is to drink 1-2 cups of the Just Beet It per day.

You can also use Just Beet It in your smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal and so on!

100% Organic Ingredients:

Beetroot Powder (50%), Hibiscus Powder & Lucuma.

Important note:

To allow our blends to take full effect on your menstrual health it is important to use our blends daily and to be consistent.