Webinar PCOS 27/06 4.30pm (24hours to rewatch the webinar)

Webinar PCOS 27/06 4.30pm (24hours to rewatch the webinar)

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During this Webinar, we will be talking about all things PCOS. The webinar will take place on the 27nd of June from 4.30pm until 5.30pm (can be longer). If you can't be there during that time, the Webinar will be able to be rewatched during 24 hours!

The topics we will address:

- What is PCOS exactly?

- What does PCOS look like? What are the symptoms?

- What are the causes of PCOS?

- How do we address each possible cause? How do we treat it?

- What are your options when having PCOS?

- Is PCOS a lifelong disease or is there a way to heal it?

- What are natural remedies for PCOS?

- Is it possible to rebalance your hormones with PCOS in a natural way? (And thus, avoid PCOS symptoms) And how?

- Are food supplements recommended? If yes, which ones? And in what cases should they be taken?

- Are there any plants that could help with PCOS? If yes, which ones? And in what case should they be taken?

- What foods should be prioritized?

- What foods should be avoided?

If you have any more questions you'd like me to respond to during this Webinar, send me an email or message me via Instagram.

I hope to see you there,